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Applications / Elk Art
August 07, 2008, 01:42:39 PM
Username: elk

Preferred URL:

E-MAIL: ykstortATgmailDOTcom

Site Title: "Elk Art"


Hullo! I'm a current art student seeking a place to host my personal online art portfolio. I do a lot of illustration and fine arts work with a little 3D modeling on the side. Right now I have sketch blog:


and an automatically generated portfolio from carbonmade:


Those showcase most of my current work. As for web design, I have a simple site up on my school's web space, but it's very slow and unreliable, so I'd like to move it to a friendlier location:


I'm always updating these with new content, but I'd like to condense them into one place. I stumbled across Fraunie's site ( and feel like something similar to her blog/portfolio setup would be perfect for me, so now I'm inspired to do a little redesigning. Thanks for considering my application :)