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need help getting started with wordpress/comicpress

Started by Silverfoxr, April 10, 2010, 03:30:50 PM

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i am finally getting around to updating my site and i want to switch over to wordpress - but i am not very computer savy i really am not sure what i am doing, and i am afraid of breaking things
also need to upgrade to gallery 2.0
any help to get me started on upgrading, well be a big help cause i really am not sure where to start on this?
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yes i am still learning wordpress but i got the hang of most of it now
but how do i change the directory info instead of it pointing to how do i get it to point to the main site instead of having to use a splash screen? i know this well mean i well have to change my pages over but this still very much a work in progress update as i am learning wordpress still. and contining to update as i go.
let them eat Yappity cake!


Well, you have to get rid of everything else on the main site, and ONLY use wordpress when you do that. Basically, you just move all the files in /wordpress/ up a directory, and then change the install directory in the wordpress config. You can, technically, still use other folders inside the main site, but wordpress can screw up access to those sometimes, so I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you really know what you're doing. For now, you may just want to make your main page a redirect to /wordpress/