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Portable HTML
« on: October 08, 2005, 12:04:24 pm »
So here's the story - I was working on a website (I wouldn't mind having it hosted here, but I'm not going to even ask until several months after it's finished).  The work was being done on my old computer (see the topic talking about the Grub boot error to see why I can't use that computer anymore).  Because my actual online time is restricted normally (my parents include offline activities too in the time limits, which would include building a web page), I'm having trouble making the web page.  Now, I know enough HTML to do the page on my Palm handheld, but only to a point; I'd like to create images, write the page, and preview the page all from my handheld (I've been known to do random typos at weird places in a page that completely mess the thing up).  Does anyone know of any PalmOS HTML editors that would let me do such a thing for free or really cheap (Money=none.  Spent it all on getting the handheld and a keyboard for it) and would work on a low-res screen (160 x 160) and in Palm OS 5?  Otherwise I have to go about this the hard and frustrating way (I'll have to either keep my site's structure in another document and switch back and forth, which is a pain, or try to remember the whole thing, which is an even bigger pain) and I won't have the same amount of nice graphics (I have a simple sketching app, but I'm not nearly enough of a "Pen and paper" artist that can make anything that looks good (gimmie Gimp or Blender, though...)) to spice up the site.
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