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Re: Application for (much existed in Phase 1)

Started by Kinokunya, October 08, 2005, 02:27:15 PM

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Username: Kinoworks
Email address:
Site description: To gather back my team of local illustrators and remake S.h.a.d.e.s (our illustration group name) again. Of course as time passes, I might start to add in my personal portfolio, on web design. Self studying Macromedia Flash at the moment.
Currently engrossed in the world of A3, a korean MMORPG, and would love to produce a flash website for my knighthood.

Main bulk of story:



Erm .. have the moderators revived my post already?
Sorry I couldn't provide my site example 'cause it was previously hosted on itself.


just show a little bit of patience for now. In case you didn't check a few other threads, Xepher's having computer problems, plus there's a lot of other people who need reviewing anyway. It even says in the guidlines that the process can take weeks.

Aside from that, while you wait you could always try making a test site on another web service like or something, maybe add some more art samples. Time flies better when you don't just sit around waiting in agony for a response.

.....also what's a moderator?
(yes I'm being sarcastic XP mainly cuz I've never seen anyone other than Xepher get to play god on these forums)
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


well, your artwrok looks really pretty, but one picture isn't going to cut it. Plans are wonderful, but in Xepher's world, that's all they are. Is there any way you could get some temporary pages and galleries up? Also, I think It'd be a good idea to get your group going a little bit before you apply. While the idea seems good, I don't know how many of those who were here two and a half years ago are still here to vouch for you.
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