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Started by boredomisanunderstatement, November 14, 2010, 08:21:03 PM

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Okey-dokie, so I'm HOPING I get this right, but I might not, so feel free to nitpick! I truly don't mind! :D

Plot(?): Like a good, cheesy Indie-film, this comic is a bit on the different side. Camryn is a girl who just wants to sing, but is pretty much heading her way through hell right now, as she's just had to move from small town Plainfield, Wisconsin, to big city Manhattan, New York, with her leukemia-ridden little sister Em, her newly drug-addicted mother Diane, her mother's supplier and frightening boyfriend Lisle, and the memory of watching her daddy die in a second. So yeah, she could definitely use a therapist, but at seventeen and with no cash, she gets a new high school instead. Fun-fun. But there is...a Chance...that something might just go right.... In a very Buddhist sense (though it's not a Buddhist story at all), it's about a girl trying to find her way through life. (I know it sounds a bit Mary-Sue-ish (just kidding, I know it's TOTALLY Mary-Sue!), but at least the art ain't half bad, I should hope. :D ) I wanted to do something different from the norm – I know that that's everybody, but I think this might have been achieved here; there aren't very many stories or comics (that I know of, anyway) about the teenager and her life specifically. I hope that makes sense, does it?

Art: Unfortunately, I don't have my own website that I can link to you, but I DO have something of a "teaser page" over on deviantART[dot]com that I can show you...? I really don't care for it, though, because I've since worked on my style to make it at least a little bit better, but for a basic analysis on what you're going to see, go here: Also, I haven't decided yet if BREATHE. is going to be a traditionally drawn comic or a digital comic; I'll try to make it digital to look "cleaner", but if I'm running out of time, then I'll leave it as traditional.

Scheduling: I have a lot that I need to do, such as school, etc., so I will try my damnedest to update at LEAST on the first of every month. However, don't be surprised if I update sooner, but NO LATER THAN THE FIRSTS, I promise, unless I state that I'm going somewhere without internet access (i.e., the Rocky Mountains, or something).

Rating: BREATHE. is a TEENAGERS' COMIC. There will be cursing, there will be violence, there may be some flash nudity (but maybe not – I haven't decided yet), there will be some flash drug abuse, and there may be SOME flash sex (but, again, I don't know about that one). But ALL of it will further the plot in some way, shape, or form. I don't do things without reason, for that is illogical and I like logic.

If there's anything I've missed, go right ahead and tell me so – again, I don't mind in the slightest! :D

Side-Notes: My email is "starveils 888 @ yahoo . com", please contact me, but no spam, thanks. :) If nothing else about this convinces you to give me the site, then I ask for The Challenge, because I really want this.


I forgot to add, but may my URL be something along the lines of "http : breathe . xepher . net", or "http : breathecomic . xepher . net" or something? I'm sorry, I'm a bit nervous.... :D


Have you ever done any comic or other serial work before? One of the most difficult parts is the commitment to keep making updates, and most new comics end up dieing within a couple months of their start. As such, I like to see something that convinces me an applicant isn't going to be part of that statistic. It doesn't have to be a prior comic or the same type of work... for example large galleries or a long history of participation on a group project or some such. One comic on DA isn't enough I'm afraid. Do you have anything to show besides DA?


Sorry, I'm not sure if you got my message, so if you have, then just disregard this. But anyway....

I've had BREATHE. in my head for way too long to just drop -- I'd say it's been up here for about a year now. The only reason I haven't done anything is because I was unsure of the style it would be in and in what way I should start it. However, I've got both things down now, so I've actually started working on it and "digitizing" it so it'll look better. Anyhow, I understand that one teaser page on dA isn't going to convince you. I really should have done the whole first chapter over on dA and THEN requested a site, but I'm young and dumb in that respect and didn't bother to think things through. Unfortunately, though, I haven't got anything prior to this that would tell you I'm any good. So I was wondering if I could post the first chapter on dA and then link it to you so you could see what I'm talking about, would that be alright? It may take me a while, though, like up to a few weeks, so would that still be okay, or would that just piss you off and make sure I don't get a site? (In case you can't tell, I really want that site, so whatever goes....)

Thanks again in any case! :D


Yeah, I'm in no rush... you can take your time, but I just want to see progress and commitment. Not to slight your idea or anything, but I have story ideas that have been in my head for 10 years now, and I still haven't managed to get them out into coherent permanent form. "About a year now" isn't a long time when you start looking around at other works, though I understand it can seem like forever from the inside.


I've got some strips up. Just flick through them whenever. :D


I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to say no. It's been nearly two months, and you've come up with... 5 black and white panels. Not to say you should stop drawing, as it takes a LOT of work to get good at making comics, but for now, there's nothing XN is gonna be able to allow you to do that DA or other art sites wouldn't.