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I've moved my site(s)...

Started by dragyn, November 26, 2010, 10:22:04 PM

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As I said in the title, I've moved my stuff to a new host.  I'm now being hosted by Virmir, and so I figured I should probably let you have your space back so someone who needs it can use it.  Each of my major projects now has it's own site, elsewhere.

Let me make it clear that you've been nothing but great to me, Xepher.  I'm not moving on because I feel you've somehow wronged me, or anything.  Moving over to the Crimson Flag server just felt like a natural thing to do.  I'm thankful for the time you let me stay, in spite of my substandard initial art skills, and my highly erratic, nearly non-existent-at-times update schedule.  I'd still recommend your services to anybody who I thought would make use of them, and was looking for a place to call their own.

So, yeah.  Feel free to delete the Beastling site.  I've already gone through and copied everything off of there, so there shouldn't be anything there that I still need.

(If any of you are interested, or still follow my comics, the new addresses are: and, though it's still in hiatus.

and my random art and stuff now has a home at

Thanks again, Xepher.  I'll probably still stop in here on the forums, from time to time. Probably just as often as I have been.


Hey, no worries. It happens all the time. I didn't realize Virmir actually had a separate linode server now though, as his main site ( is still hosted here actually. Best of luck to you though... I'll delete your site whenever I get around to it! :-)


And best of luck to you, as well.

Heh.  I'd forgotten Virmir started here.