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comicSMS and a commenting function

Started by tricky, November 30, 2010, 03:26:03 PM

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hello!! i still haven't been able to 100% wrap my head around this website making stuff, but recently i've been thinking about putting one of my webcomics up on my website finally. i found a lovely webcomic manager called comicsms that is really fabulous and easy to work with but there's only one thing i would really really love for it to have... a commenting function!
i floated around their forums to see if anyone else had figured anything out but it seems there's only a commenting system for newposts (which i don't need/want)....
i've even see someone work in the "disquis" commenting system and even that would be really nice but i couldn't figure out how to do that either orz please help?


A comment system usually isn't something you can just tack on to an existing CMS. If someone has written one specifically for the scripts your using (as a plugin or some such) then it can be simple, but failing that, I'd really suggest finding a CMS system that has the features you want to start with. I know a lot of people use ComicPress, which is a set of plugins for wordpress. There are a lot of others out there too.