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Jenny Eveyrwhere wiki?

Started by Knight Random, June 04, 2012, 09:37:22 PM

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Knight Random

Keeping track of all the Jenny Everywhere material out there is a monumental task. I'm wondering whether a community-run wiki would be a better way of doing it--and more fitting given the nature of the character--than a site run by a single person. (Although if so we definitely shouldn't use Wikia.)

What do you think?


It's possible. Right now it's a WordPress site, and I'm not interested in re-doing the whole site (again) from scratch. Granted, I am behind (again). I could add people to the the WordPress account with the ability to add things, as long as it is all added correctly to the current template. But making a new, open-wiki-style site is not something I am interested in. I hope to pick up the slack on the website this July.