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Jenny Everywhere Sightings

Started by Knight Random, June 07, 2012, 03:59:58 PM

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Knight Random

Here's a forum thread for JE sightings elsewhere, which might be easier to keep track of then sending emails.

Jenny Everywhere visits the Land by Hoborg--a fix-it fanfic where Jenny sorts out Thomas Covenant's problems, with a bit of help.

Knight Random

Knight Random



I'll try to keep an eye on this. I have several emails to sort through still, plus a few I have on my harddrives at home.... getting closer to closer the gap this year, than I was last year.


Hey Fes,
I found this pic online:

I like how it incorporates different aspects of the Jenny Universe. Including the Bare Pit version!

I'm not sure if you have it somewhere in the archives; also, I can't identify the creator.
It was on this blog:
for Comics and fun stuff every Monday: