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Knight Random:
Here's a forum thread for JE sightings elsewhere, which might be easier to keep track of then sending emails.

Jenny Everywhere visits the Land by Hoborg--a fix-it fanfic where Jenny sorts out Thomas Covenant's problems, with a bit of help.

Knight Random:
Another JE appearance on Ficly. She's really getting around lately...

Knight Random:
And now I started a dedicated tumblr for Jenny Everywhere stuff.

Knight Random:
Some notable Jenny things recently: an excellent Jenny Everywhere origin story by Ununnilium.

And some thoughts about body types, diversity, and what kind of character Jenny Everywhere is by me.

I'll try to keep an eye on this. I have several emails to sort through still, plus a few I have on my harddrives at home.... getting closer to closer the gap this year, than I was last year.


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