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Started by Xepher, May 06, 2013, 07:53:22 AM

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So, I quit my job on friday, and my lease here in Houston is up on the 18th. After that, I'm packing everything I own in a trailer and driving northwest. My goal is Bend, Oregon. I have no job, no place to live, and know absolutely no one for hundreds of miles in any direction. My only plan is to "chill the buck out" for several months and try to find something more interesting to do with my life than sit behind a desk.

How will this affect the site? Well, it shouldn't. I've plenty of money saved up, and the server bills are on auto-pay. Theoretically, I shouldn't need another job for two to three years. Only possible impact is if something technically mucks up while I'm in transit, I might not catch it for a bit longer. I will have a laptop with me and random wifi along the way though.

That said, I don't plan to work for at least another six months, maybe longer. I'm going to travel, relax, and enjoy things. To that end, if anyone is situated between here (Houston) and Oregon, and would like to have a pint of beer or a cup of coffee, let me know. This road trip may be solo, but it should still be epic, and I'd love to meet any of ya'll I can along the way. :-P


Well, I am conveniently positioned between Houston and Oregon... 
You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
If this predicament seems particularly cruel,
consider whose fault it could be:
not a torch or a match in your inventory.


Too bad Kia and I live in the UK or we'd offer you a drink lol


I'm supposed to be next door in Sisters sometime in August, maybe we can meet up.  Enjoy the mountains; watch out for the wildfires!


Yeah, Sisters is just down the road. Funny you mention wildfires, as the last time I went through there, the entire town of Sisters was smokey, the sky was burnt orange at noon, and it was literally raining ash from a nearby wildfire. Combined with the drive right past the extinct volcano, I thought I'd taken a wrong turn an ended up in Mordor. :-P Drop me an email when you get to planning your trip details and we can work something out.