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Tales To Behold 4 (feat. Jenny Everywhere) now serializing on THE BEHOLDER


Hello true believers,
I've started serializing Tales To Behold 3 on The Beholder, for you all to read.
Featuring the return of Armagedda! Reverse-robberies! Insect-people! Captain Evening! Jenny Everywhere! Villains! Much more and– witches go dancing!

Here are the first 6 pages in order:

If you can't wait to see how it all unfolds of the next 2 months, and make me a very happy Beholder, you might even consider purchasing the entire book here:

It's hand-made with block-printed color elements. For $6, you get 48 pages of comics!
Before the month is over, Bird Cage Bottom Books even has a special, if you order for $15 or more.
For the coupon, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page:

But no pressure– in the meantime, hope you'll enjoy the story!

The story with Captain Evening and The Odds (featuring Jenny Everywhere) continues on THE BEHOLDER, here are the latest pages:
Page 16, the end of this story will be posted Monday, Sept 2nd)

You can also order the entire story plus much more (48 pages) as a limited edition, handcrafted zine:

The saga continues!

The first pages are now up from Tales To Behold 4:


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