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Hopeless Romantic

Started by Ririnko, October 14, 2005, 11:27:59 PM

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Username: Ririnko


My site would be a web comic named: Hopeless Romantic. It's a romantic drama with a hint of comedy about a boy who may be the sole remaining romantic male. He is miserable but he soon finds himself swirling down the whirlpool of life dragged by two great friends he makes along the way. He learns to live beyond the romance novels he burries himself into.

Um... I'm a new artist so I don't really have anything to show but the drawings I've made by hand. I actually have started this comic a long time ago so I have many pages done already. I want to show people my work in order to improve in a way I can't really on my own. I want constructive critism, pointers and tips from people other than my friends, poeple who can be fully objective in their comments because they don't know me and have nothing to lose. I think getting my manga out there for everybody to see is the best way to do that.
here is the URL to the cover page, it was done in watercolor... ahh!>.< be nice, it was my first attempt at watercolor


I realize this will sound stupid, but can you make a website?  Xepher doesn't have any programs like Tripod or Geocities.
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Maaahh, I think I can. I know how to work with Html anyhow.


Well, if you only think, wouldn't it be nice if we could see and judge for ourselves? :D But yeah, we'll need a sample site to see what you've got.
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