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Email Glitch thing...

Started by Turnsky, August 14, 2016, 07:01:05 AM

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Hi, uh.. don't know what's up, but i've checked the settings and while everything seems hunky-dory.. i'm not receiving any email in the xepher mail at all.. like.. any, i even flung a couple test ones at it, and nada.. not even a "mailer daemon"..

edit: yeah getting mailer daemon.. my email filters sent it to the wrong box. :B

anything on your end?

also anybody else having a similar issue?

edit2: okay, it works, it's just not sending to the custom addresses i set. :B


Did you just add the aliases (custom emails) and it still didn't work, or were they there a long time? I didn't see them in the actual config, but I saw them in the DB. If they were old, it's possible they were lost during the migration to the new email system a few months ago. If they're new... then maybe the web script isn't working right to set them. I triggered the "change email" action manually for your account, and it appears they're in place now. Please try again and see if it works.


been there for ages, actually.. hazard a guess of "since i joined", i think.

edit: yup, working. thanks.