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Name Change

Started by sabao, June 08, 2017, 03:30:26 AM

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So first off, thanks Xeph for fixing the forum email activation problem!

Now the other thing: I own the site account studiopnb. I haven't actually touched it in a while but just came back in the hope of using it again now that I've figured out what to do with it (letting go of my domain which I only picked up for school and moving all the content to xepher). I was hoping I could rename the domain to, if possible.

That's about it. I'm surprised my account is still active! Thank you so much for keeping it around!


Apologies for not replying sooner. I've been traveling far too much for work and haven't made the time to take care of this. I'm once again in an airport waiting on a flight, so won't be able to take care of it today either. That said, I'm happy to rename things. The question is, do you want any of the old site at all? If not, it's easier to simply delete it and create a new account under the new name. Note this will remove all content AND all email (if you used the email system.) Let me know and I'll try to get to it in a couple days when I return home.


Hi! Oh don't worry, do what you've got to do.

I've actually already cleared out all the old stuff and moved my site over. I was hoping I could settle the name change before the move, but my previous host will probably expire anytime now so I went on ahead. Will it be a lot of trouble renaming my subdomain while still keeping all the files?


Okay, it's done. I had a partially written script to rename accounts, but I haven't used it in a few years, so it broke and I did the rest by hand. The good news is I fixed the script so the next person that asks this should get a much easier (and quicker) response.

That said, I did fix some stuff by hand, so double check everything. Also, you have wordpress, so I modified your basic config to point to the new database name. Note that you may need to change other settings in wordpress to make it work with the new domain name. If you have trouble, just let me know.


I think I've fixed it. Thanks so much again for everything!