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The things you find...

Started by Lei, October 14, 2005, 09:44:33 PM

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searching the old forums for quotes. and

Last year I scored "13.80671% - Geekish Tendencies " I just scored "36.09467% - Major Geek"

BOOYAH! You know you're jealous :D Okay, so I MAY not be in the elites just yet, but that's almost three times geekier than one year ago; that's pretty impressive!

[Edit: There were only two questions in that second test I could answer confidently. Best of luck to those that try!]
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awwww my geekness only scored as "29.38856% - total geek".

BUT I managed to get 4 on that second one right without guessing! There is hope for me yet! Huzzah!
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On the nerd test (the second one) I scared even myself...
"59.523809523809526% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?"

I knew I was in trouble when they asked about triva from Sluggy Freelance, and when I actually all the h2g2 stuff... the quotes, the misquoted questions, and the funky number conversions to weird bases and binary for the answer. The only bits I really missed were the stuff from fantasy novels. I don't read much fantasy... but good lord! I even got the sith lords in the proper order. *cry*

As for the geek test... I got the best score ever! 42% (Major Geek) Awesome!

EDIT: Finished second test.


good god, that's... I don't know. You have a right to be scared, how's that.
"Don't follow into my footsteps; I walk into walls."


I got about 49% on inner geek and 23% on the nerd one.  I think I should get points for what I end up talking about with my students.
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Geek test: 56%... "Extreme Geek."


other test: 45%
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