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Started by grapefruiit, October 23, 2005, 04:52:34 AM

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hi ..umm.. okay.. here goes..

username i want: grapefruiit
site description: i know most of the sites here are mangas i feel a little out of place posting here, but its still creative so yes. i want to start a site displaying my work (artwork and clothes/jewelry i make) and also i want to have online tutorials for people who might want to start making their own clothes and stuff. i've done this whole website and html thing before so i know what i'm doing.. and although i dont have any websites up at the moment, here's some examples of stuff i've done (i know, its just visual, you cant see the content but still..)

please keep in mind that i was like,, 11 when i made these layouts so .. yeah.

although i do have a deviantart account i sort of felt out of place there coz its mostly visual arts (drawing, painting etc) not textiles and that so yes. and i also felt really limited on devart coz you cant change the layout. -__-;; ...

thankyoOs ^^;;


Well, actually, as soon as you get a website up and running (or bigger examples..) and show us your content, I'm pretty sure you'd have a great chance of getting in. I remember someone who made teddy bears getting in quite quicksily, if I remember correctly.
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Don't worry, xepher hosts any creative works, so that dosn't mean just art sites or writing sites.
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um... im working on the website.. if its not finished now does that mean i cant apply?? coz its nearly done... i just need to finish writing up some tutorials ....


don't worry, you've got time. it's not like you have to make a website RIGHT after someone says to. Applications usually(always) take weeks any way.
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here are some pictures of things i have made recently:


diprotodon!!! DIPROTODON!! its not my fault my internet was down while i was getting my room renovated ... :(