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Started by harmonique, October 31, 2005, 07:57:22 AM

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Url wanted:

Here is the link to my current deviantart gallery:

I want to post a website with my artwork online, please :)


Oooo. Just to keep it short, I think you'll need more than that. Detail, detail, lots of detail. Artistic vision and whatnot. It's like a real job application.
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Actually, a lot of description isn't really needed if you put up an example website that shows what you're planning to do.  Showing is always better than telling.  Hit up a site like and put an example of the site you would like to have here up there; it will give you a much greater chance of being accepted.  Be sure not to use a site builder, though, since we don't have those here, and show off your HTML skills!

As to your content, well, I really like your art.  The colors in the pieces are wonderful.  Good luck with yor application, and don't forget to show us a mockup of your site!


your stuff is insane!


thank you :) I'll go right ahead and do an example after work tomorrow when I have some mroe free time :)!