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Girls don't exsist on the internet

Started by Gwyn, November 06, 2005, 04:41:21 AM

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I'd like to say I've gotten this in RL.  I was talking to a student (Not one of mine), and saw that he was wearing a shirt that said "Han Shot First"  I told him that I agreed and asked him if he'd ever played the RPG.  He looks at me for a second and then announces, very loudly to the empty hallway that I must be trying to bust him for something because I rehearsed this conversation.  I, of course, am confused, and ask why he thinks that.  "The only girls that play with dice are pretending to support their boyfriends."  Grr.  And my cooperating teacher didn't believe me at first that I was a gamer.  Her son games and she's never met a girl that does that.  So then I started talking about AC and how I love to play small characters because it tends to bump up said AC, and she got it.  Sped teachers are cool like that, we only take a few minutes to accept new concepts about the human race.
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Oh, I love people who would never guess I game. God, that almost is insulting to me. Like, what's that supposed to mean? LOL.
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I don't get it.

On the other hand, I never met any gamers IRL, except my old old friends sort of... and save the local convention (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention). Of course no one THERE was surprised. Hell, I was surprised gamers existed in TN, no less anime fans. And people come from out of state to it too!

I want to meet gamers. :( I'm more like a casual gamer, no EXTREEEM gotta find the GOLDEN CHOCOBO type gamer... in fact, I hardly ever complete final bosses (which is sad, I feel obligated to... I MUST). But I consider myself a gamer.

MMOs, well, RO wasn't that bad for my short time with it. I have the feeling most people on RO are girls, LOL. But guh, I wanna play WoW, turn a few heads. Or maybe I'll just chose a male avatar like I always do. :B (I like playing something I can be attracted to...<3 *shot*)
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Well, that is part of the reason I pick female characters. I figure if I'm gonna be staring at the backside of a character for literally years... well... :-)

That, and male night elves are just plain WRONG (read "wimpy") looking, but they're the only alliance race that can be druids, and we all know I had to have an animal shapeshift!

Now if I make a dwarf, it's gotta be male, because even terry pratchet (who loves turning expectations upside down) insists that all dwarves are male... even the women.


Xepher. Terry Pratchet never lies. Enough said.

I had a female night elf druid. I really liked playing her. Unfortunately, my main was an undead mage and I just ended up rerolling my druid to horde. Not to mention the alliance on the server stunk that I had my alliance.  Now I have a level 23 feral specced Tauren druid thats just sitting there while my 60 mages actually gets things done.

Kira Dwenna

Most of my tabletop gaming group is female.  ^-^

I am female.

So, there's got to be something wrong with us, right?

Then again....we have a male player who plays a female half-red dragon, half-halfling, went looking for a husband of similar stock (succeeded), and is currently pregnant with the spawn of satan (I will be killing her or them the minute my character finds out ~ it is not kosher to let the insane woman who took 3 real inches off of a map that fits on an 8 1/2 x 11" piece of paper by praying to the God of fire.  Volcanoes are not happy things to find in one's backyard *growls*)
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Quote from: Ashley_RoseOh, I love people who would never guess I game. God, that almost is insulting to me. Like, what's that supposed to mean? LOL.
I think trying to explain to non-gamers about my gaming habit is just a losing situation.  You either get the above answer or the "But you don't wear much black" answer.  Both are a conversation killer, really.
"The world is not safe for my butt!" -Spongebob Squarepants

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I have my male night elf rogue assasin and a female night elf druid... I think they really need to at least redo the male nightelf walk... It just looks funny as hell. I would never walk with my character for that reason.

Male, female, doesn't matter! I'm a roleplayer! I'm starting to determine that roleplayers are a breed of their own.
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I usually just play male now.  That way, no one becomes stupid if they find out I'm a girl.  It also lets my character do a whole lot more.  I find that in the communities I'm in, female characters get the Final Fantasy treatment.
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"The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and little boys are FBI agents."
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That quote brings back memories....

 I have a habit of picking more manly themes/names. It takes a while to straighten out... lol.
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my favorite was when some dude (at another forum) gave me an email that said, basically,

"Hey, what's up. I was looking at your profile, and I noticed you also live in the DC area, and I thought to myself, 'Aetre seems cool; I wonder what she's like in person?' So I wanted to know if you'd like to meet sometime, just in public or something and possibly get to know each other better."

i laughed my ass off. :)
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Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


i just told him i'm a dude, basically.

in retrospect, it would've been funnier to give him a picture of an elderly, obese, naked chick and say, "would love to, bad boy." but then, i'm not that... well, cruel.
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And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?