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Started by dragyn, November 07, 2005, 01:00:54 AM

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username:  beastling

Email:        timreed9(AT)

       I am applying for a site to host my webcomic that I've been working on.  It WAS hosted at, but they were hacked, and it was lost, so I figured maybe I'd try here instead.  

       The comic, Beastling, would follow a dragon-wolf by the name of Beastling (unsurprisingly).  He winds up getting stuck in the middle of Nowhere, a place literally suspended between multiple dimensions and realities, but not part of any of them.  He, naturally, starts trying to find a way to get back home.  That's the basics of it, anyway.  Maybe a bit cliche somewhere, but I have no intentions of copying anyone.

       Lesse' now, an example of my work...

       Let's try this:


       Technically, that was the first comic actually drawn (Now shown in its final-ish positioning).

       Hope you like it!

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it would be nice to have some more samples and mebbe a quickie site to show off some HTML skills. The comic's premise is interesting, but there isn't a lot to back it up so far.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Hmmm...since I don't have ANY webspace as of right now,   I don't see how I can show any of my html work.  I think I'll put up a halloween pic though, left over from, uh,  Halloween.  I shoulda' thought THAT sentence through...

Here Goes:

I'd like to show my main site design, so if you know how i could without any space, please let me know.  Also, if there is some specific aspect of my art that you want an example of, let me know, otherwise I'll just remain confused.

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you can always use free sites for a temp site, you know. is a good one, tangle reccomended it to me when I applied and I gotta say it pretty much got me in :)

Also, you should show any art that will be on the actual website on your temp site. that way we can get a good idea.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Okay.  My website is finally up and working.  It is located at for now.  Took me forever to get it to work.  Stupid capitalization errors.


And any other art (including the current comic) that will be on the site is in that current site.  There are now 2 comics up.  Hurrah.


oh, lest i forget--again--diprotodon.  And yes, I am still interested in a site.

Anyway, has anyone glanced at my site?  If so, what'd ya' think?


Hello, again, all.

I'm still here, and will continue to wait patiently for your verdict, Xepher.
I thought I might should say something here, as I havent posted anything at all in a couple of months.


Right... I do apologize for the delay. I haven't had much chance to really go through everything, so I've just been haphazardly posting when I see new comments on threads. Feel free to poke the thread every once in a while if it looks forgotten. From your applicaiton alone, I'd normally lean towards "no" but you've been here a while, and trying... and effort counts for something, so I'm trying to talk myself into a "yes." For now, it's "we'll see." Poke this if I forget it for a couple weeks or so.


His work is a little unfinished, but does show a lot of hard work, and I feel like he's got an archive that can sufficiently back him up. I would love to see personal work from this person along side the comics (I know it would really help in thinking up ideas he could later tie into the plot) as well as enjoy his contribution on the forums.

I vote yes, but I'd be keeping my eye on him. I hear Dragyns can be mischievous sometimes. =)
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Hey, thanks for saying something at all, guys.

I'm not sure what you mean by "personal work", munerift, though if you explain that I might have something lying around.

And Xepher, yeah, it's a little unpolished, but that 's part of the reason I wanted a site here, is so I could get better, and tell the story that's been building up in my head.  Well, one of them, anyway.

Thanks, guys.


"Personal Work" is besides the comic, art you do for FUN that isnt the next comic strip... do you draw things that aren't a comic..? That's the stuff I'm talking about.
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Oh, well, did you look in the "Extras" page?  I have 2 or 3 things in there, with more to come.  I actually have a whole filing cabinet full of random sketches and drawings that have absolutely nothing to do with Beastling.  I've been planning on putting more of them in there, but time has not been on my side.

Now that you mention it, though, I think I should go add more of those-  I keep saying I will, I might as well get it done!

Besides, I need the practice.

Thanks, Munerift.


There, I added another one.  For some reason, adding one of those takes more time than adding another comic...I have no Idea why.


I just worked my way through the beastling archive.  I'm a fan: though the pace is very slow, it still manages to push the plot forward.  I've added it to my regular list of webcomics.