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fecking Wal Mart

Started by Ashley_Rose, November 17, 2005, 05:23:12 AM

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There comes a time in every year when something is forgotten. It could be your books, your shoes, your keys, or even, Thanksgiving.
   Yes, Thanksgiving folks, the holiday that would be the Grinch if it could. But, it chooses not to be.
   Why, Thanksgiving is looked over so much, people are beginning to act like it
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Even though money is tight this year, most my family is still getting together for Thanksgiving this year. It's a great time to sit around and chat with those close to you. See what's been going on in their end of the gene pool. Let people know what you've been doing all this time.

I like Thanksgiving myself. Halloween I just kinda treated like a normal day this year. Still went to class, came home, programmed, went ot bed. No candy, no scary movies, no pumpkins, no costumes, no none of that stuff. So this year... it was the holiday that was looked over by me. :P
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I have thanksgiving before Halloween.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Yeah, I did jack-all (no pun intended) for halloween. Locally lacking real-life friends and family, Thanksgiving would be pretty much the same, save that Will's family is visiting, so I'll have dinner and whatnot with them.


Quote from: GwynI have thanksgiving before Halloween.

And for the record, I'm fairly sure I once saw thanksgiving decoration in stores up here, but I haven't gone to many stores for a long time so I couldn't tell ya.
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I feel sorry for Thanksgiving, Christmas has always been so pushy.

I've never had a thanksgiving with anyone but my parents so it's never been a BIG event for me, but even so nothing beats stuffing yourselves with good food and throwing olive pits at each other. (we're still finding the ones from last year)
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While I stand by that Halloween is my favorite holiday ever, I think Thanksgiving is quite an awesome holiday.  I'm thankful for Ashley.  :)
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