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Jade Angel

Started by Jinni32, December 14, 2005, 10:20:20 PM

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User name: jinjin32

My email:

i tried to hold a site for testing and what it'll look like but in the file manger  when i save it it shows the old page befor i saved it (alot of cussing went thru my head everytime that happens -_-) but i'll post the site anyway:

my HTML isn't the best but its ok (i think)

What i want to do is make a site with all the comics i've made (working on 1st one).

each page is 2 pages long and i've made 5 pages so far:

also to people who use photo bucket, when u save your pics has it ever made it bigger or smaller then it's suppose to be? this keeps happening to me when i upload my comics and i'm going crazy about it >.
note: this happened with page 4 too but when i changed the name it "somehow got fixed" >.>;;

this is a "smaller version of page 5"

i'll repost page 5  once i figur out how to fix it. -_-

tell me what you think? =)


forget about his one i got something to work out and change XD sorry to bother u ppl.


A lot of them go this way.