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l.a.x. light/motion.dreams

Started by Myxomatosis, December 19, 2005, 06:43:32 AM

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the username I want if I get choosen? : myxomatosis.

email: cjoeyboy [at]

Let`s see, why do I want my site here? well. looks like a cool site, where they offer free hosting to people that have no money or anything for a real website. That only have a limited free website. And the chance to get exposed to other people looking for something different

The comic I do?

It`s called "l.a.x. light/motion.dreams" an experimental music comic about the los angeles international airport. the story is about the two main workers at the airport. Rachel Mui and a hacker (not the evil kind, the good kind.) by the name of Chris Katunich who suffers from a severe case of Boarderline Personality Disorder. The two are caught at the dawn of "the blue sky experiment" Which is the work of a radical group that wants people to look at how much technology runs their lives. One by one, LAX faces many problems from plane crashes to attempted assinations.

The story is told from Chris`s perspective, it never pans out to what the evil guys are doing, So it leaves you with a sense of confusion, and lets you to discover in real time what`s happening, as the characters are. The story also moves every fast while moving very slow.

The story is set in a futuristic Los Angeles (2009.) Where technology rules everything, from the Metro buses that glide in the air, to the MSN Search kiosks, to the Nokia SkyLinks, to even the goverment itself. It`s kinda like cyberpunk.

What I meant by experimental music comic is by the fact that the music takes care of what you have to feel. Like how manga relies on the characters eyes. This comic relies on music, mostly electronica, ranging from all types of music from Radiohead to Kanye West to Pearl Jam and even to Ivy. The music page I have there is not recommended soundtrack, it`s required. I try to make the current comic page loop around to the music that is playing. So when something happens in the comic, the way it`s laid out plays with the music. exactly how I meant it to be. Like the music going on in the background of some action scene in some movie which provokes emotion from you. That`s what I`m going for. Some day I`ll interigate it fully. But until the day comes, I have the
I`m not ambitious or anything, I don`t have high hopes about fame, readership. I just want to do somethnig different. I`m hoping that Xepher will let me join. and if not, then that`s how life rolls. Right?

Let me know what you think.


Whoa, your art is awesome and the concept is pretty cool.  The only thing I wonder about is the it legal?
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Quote from: grieverWhoa, your art is awesome and the concept is pretty cool.  The only thing I wonder about is the it legal?
Well, aside from the The music that I have there is just like lyrics on some lyric page, It`s like saying, You have my comic. You probably have the song. Go ahead and combine them, use the if you like, but you can`t download the songs. And if I do put up a download, it`s a brief sample.

I`m not posting links to download the songs. I`m not taking money away from either the label or the artist. and I`m not making any money. So I think it`s under fair use. So it`s legal I guess.


Do you know that song by Filter, Take a Picture? Kinda like that. I changed many a things.

First of all, I made the site a little easier to navigate, experimented with music synched with a page, and made a huge upload to my deviantART account (A bunch of art and many surreal pictures). Yeah. Where it`s at, Two turntables and a microphone?


Heyo, just droppin' in and wondering if you have a way to do the comic without the drunk duck scripts. not that I know anything about drunk duck other than I'm pretty sure it's got those auto-comicy....things.....hey my brain is melted from history homework, gimme some slack.

Yeah just making sure. Concept is pretty cool, but the art confuses me occasionally. Then again that's prolly the brain-meltedness talking....
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Well, I`ve done it before. Let me find the sample files that I made.