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The Strangest Thing.

Started by Ashley_Rose, December 22, 2005, 09:54:51 PM

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A scanner, without a return name on it, precisely to my address with my name spelled correctly, showed up via UPS today.

And it's not cheap.

I'm going to love Santa WhomeverSentThisToMe until the day they die, and even beyond that.

I never really thought that people were that nice. It's none of my relatives. And it's not anyone I know of, I don't think.

*stares at scanner*

Merry Christmas, and thank you, whomever you are.

And to everyone on this forum. :)

Edit: I found out who it was. And it's not anthraxy.
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Kahootz... I've been... *kahooted*.


people are strange. They could be the pits one day and be a saint the next (got a tablet for my birthday :D )

 Have fun with your scanner!
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So, who sent you the scanner?

Cuz while I would love for it to be me, we know I can't afford to spoil you rotten just yet.
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Kira Dwenna

Quote from: Xepher*Smirk!*
*raises eyebrow*  Gee, I'm feeling this utter sense of confusion now.  Wonder who the Secret Santa could possibly have been? :P
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That's really nice. Cool beans!
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So uhh.. Who was it? Maybe he/she could spot me $60. :P