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Bandwidth Amount

Started by otterath, December 24, 2005, 11:35:30 PM

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Since nobody cares to answer my question anywhere else, I want to know how much bandwidth we would get for a site here?
All it says on the hosting page is:
How it works.
If your application is accepted, you will be given an account. This account includes:
Webspace: Unlimited (within reason) at "" PHP, perl, and other scripting languages are supported.
FTP access: The preferred method for uploading and managing your stuff
Email: SMTP, Pop3, and IMAP (Preferred) Also access via webmail at
SSH: Linux secure shell. Provides a remote command line environment.
Database Access: MySQL database. All users will be given one database, with no limit on table number or size.
Other: If you have a genuine use for it, I'm running (or can run) servers for most major protocols. Talk to me, and I'll see what I can do.

that doesn't really help me out
~Otterath Streamwillow


Well, there you go. Your question is answered in what you quoted.

There is a sticky post at the top of the application forum that says "Instructions (Read Before Posting!)" In it, about 4 lines down, you'll see that it says that before posting that you should "Make sure you've read all site info. Specifically the "What is" page and the FAQ."

Now, since you're quotng the the first of those pages, you obviously did that this time. And there's your answer: "Unlimited within reason." There are no preset limits placed on webspace here, but I reserve the right to cull something I consider unreasonable. It rarely happens, and only when someone's been truely abusing their privileges. Which is why Rul #10 says "Don't abuse your privileges."

Look, I know I sound harsh here, but there are a LOT of idiots that come through here looking for a handout. Ignoring forum rules, posting in the wrong place, and asking questions because you didn't bother to look around first really get on my nerves. If you truely misunderstood the meaning of "unlimited" then I apologize, but from your first post in the application forum, it sure sounded like you hadn't read any of the informational pages at all, nor noticed the sticky post about reading instructions before posting in that forum. I'm not sure what's worse, not noticing/reading it, or doing so and then ignoring it and posting anyway. Hmm...

Oh well, it's Christmas. I'll overlook the whole thing either way. And if you really did misunderstand that bit about unlimited, (rather than just not seeing it the first time) let me know, and I'll make a note to clarify it.


Good grief, you're rude, otterath.  In both this thread and the other.  If people tell you it's mentioned already, don't be a lazy git.  Get back in and look for the thing yourself.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


i did look, and i thought that just meant for the web storage, not the bandwidth. thanks for answering my question.
EDIT: Bandwidth and webspace are different, as you probably know. Bandwidth is transfer amount, and storage is obviously how much stuff you can hold online.
~Otterath Streamwillow