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Ancient dragon flames

Started by amidatile, January 16, 2006, 04:55:02 PM

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vHello first hello to all because i am new:)
And may i apply for the hosting?
Description:The site wil be about a rpg game that i am creating.
And there wil be forums on it :) and one single download from the game.
P.s the game wil have many updates so that i wont have a site for nothing ill update it too.

I could not put a website online to show you sorry :( because i dont have a host.
But if you want to see the game first then ill upload it on a filehost.

Edit:I uploaded a demo!


You can always use a free host to as a temp site to show off. works pretty well I think.

Also, when I click on the download it tells me I have to sign in before I can download it, and clicking on the sign up link gets me a server error.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Thats very very strange. ill upload it to a new host
P.S i want to show my site too but its fully written in php.
And i dont know a free host wtch supports php.
I only know of

Download link :


I opened the game and got a pop up with a bunch of giberish and ???????????????, then it closed. :(
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


You must have the amp game lib installed.
I included a .dll file and you must place it in the system32 folder from windows.
Then you can play it.(Sorry that i didnt tell it before)