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Started by Xepher, March 02, 2006, 10:08:18 PM

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I'm going on a trip for about two weeks, starting tomorrow. I should be back on the 21st of March. I'm going to Texas to visit my family and friends there. I'll be online intermittently while I'm gone, so it shouldn't really impact anything other than my response time.


You've given me hope that spring break does exist after graduation. ^_^  Have fun!
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Well, I'm in texas, and leaching dial-up off another PC here. It's slow as can be. Found the main pages down for a bit today. Seems there's an exploit in squirrel mail, and it was chewing up resources, and the server (as I've designed it to do) prevented any more processes from being run. I killed the rogue mail stuff, and have disabled webmail until I get a chance to fix it. May be a week or two though, as I can't do it over dial up.


heh... figures that this happens soon as you take off to vacation eh?

I did notice that you can run the webmail here in non-ssl. Would that open it to exploit? Just a thought.
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Okay, I'm back from my trip. I'm gonna try and upgrade squirrelmail here in a bit later tonight.


Hurray! Welcome home!
I'm Home!
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New squirrelmail install is up and running. All user preferences have been migrated to the new version, but... well I don't know how compatible all of them are. If you run into problems, let me know.


The login screen seemed to be fine, but then...

Preference file, /home/httpd/maildata/chrisschrossed.pref, could not be opened. Contact your system administrator to resolve this issue.



Same problem.
Preference file, /home/httpd/maildata/gladmorin.pref, could not be opened. Contact your system administrator to resolve this issue.


Me=Idiot. Forgot to change the file permissions when I copied the pref files. Try it now.


It works fine now. Thanks. :]