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Donation Page Issues

Started by greyflank, April 25, 2006, 02:10:00 PM

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Paypal complains (or maybe it's my new netscape) that there's a low=grade encryption issue when using the donation button.

Also, Paypal says the link is outdated and did not supply me with a payment form.

I can solve that second part easily... which email address do donations go to?



Hmm... strange. I think it may be something with your browser setup. It's working just fine from here. Are you following a link from a specific site? That is, does it list "Current Recipient:" as something other than "XepherNet"? Try this link directly. and tell me if it works. That page is NOT encrypted, as you're only entering an amount there, no actual account info. The page AFTER that will be secure/encrypted and at paypal's website. There is where you'll enter your actual account info. And if it's warning you THAT page isn't secure enough, that's beyond my control. Considering it's telling you the link is outdated though... I think it's a problem with your browser (or other) security settings. When you enter an amount and click the "Make a Donation" button, does it give you an option whether you want to continue or not? I imagine it's here that it's stripping the info (the amount and recipient) from being passed onto paypal's site.

I'd ask that you try and figure that out, because if you donate via that form, the Phase 2 system actually keeps track of the donation. If it still doesn't work though, you can send something directly to the email and I'll manually enter the amount in the system. It's the same email on the donation page. adminATxepherDOTnet corrected, of course, with the proper punctuation. (The weird way of writing it out is to prevent spam bots from stealing it as easily.)