Author Topic: Let-Me-Be - The art of Rose G!  (Read 35976 times)

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Let-Me-Be - The art of Rose G!
« Reply #30 on: July 28, 2006, 01:44:30 am »
Quote from: frostings
woah, loading the sheezyart page gave me quite a wake up call!
I was also loading your sample webpages and I didn't know which page the music was blasting from (i had the volume at max level, since last night) XD

I would also prefer the 2nd wider verrsion of your sample site. Less cramped... and there's no need for a sideways bar. ^^

Crazy amounts of ads sketching your frame O-O"

Ah, the javascript facts. I didn't know about that. Interesting. ^^

^^ The gallery pieces that I clicked, are working fine. ^^
I'm definetly going for the second wider version, Those ads... cant help em :p (glorious freeservers!!!)

lawl, I need to learn how to have a start and stop button on the musical ID images, I'm JUST learning flash :p
Well thanks for checking things out :D muchly appriciated!