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Automated "Fix File Permissions"..?

Started by Munerift, June 05, 2006, 12:27:00 AM

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Since I'm phase 2, I use a .php document for my index page. Now every time I update, my main page turns into a class 500 mess, and then I have to trek back to the main site to fix my file permissions. I was wondering Xeph if there's anyway you can have an option to automate this at each .php page upload? (as long as the user specifies they want it, because others can set it to their own values I'm taking it?)
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I set up WinSCP to automatically upload all files with the right permissions for PHP, but it also uses the same permissions for images and css files.  However, the majority of files I upload are PHP files, so it's okay.  I checked the "Use same settings next time" option, down in the lower left, after setting up the permissions for PHP files.
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Yeah, as griever hinted, file permissions are completely optional, and able to be set by whatever upload program you use. If you use one smart enough, it'll set the right permissions during the actual upload. I'd highly recommend SCP compared to FTP, as most clients are designed with unix-style file permissions designed. Though, in fairness, there are several FTP clients that can deal with permissions quite well too.


Gimme a litte time and I'll set up a guide for this too. May as well convert the old SSH guide into something usefull too.
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