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Databits Presents - The SSH Secure Shell Client Guide

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I have a question about SSH Secure Shell Client...I am using it for connecting on server where I am working in some program. This program is working long time without giving any outputs...and here goes the problem. After a while, my SSH Secure disconnect. Like he goes stand by...and everything stops. Can I somehow switch off that stand by. Is it possible?


Hi Ani,

What's your username? If you give me that, I can check the logs on the server to see what the problem is. If you're not a member, you may need to contact your actual webhost for help with your SSH connection problem.

As I am not member, I'll contact my webhost for help with SSH connection problem. I thought that there is some general thing with this issue.

Thanks for helping me!

This particular tutorial is somewhat dated now.  I'd suggest using a program such as Putty if you need SSH shell access or WinSCP over SFTP or SCP if you just need to transfer files.  Though I haven't got time to put together a tutorial for either of those at the moment, they are pretty straight forward.

As for your issue, look for your keep alive settings.  It's possible that they're causing your issue if you have a stable internet connection.


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