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Is it just me?

Started by Lei, August 14, 2005, 03:47:37 AM

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I didn't know exactly where this fell under, but is anyone else having trouble accessing I've gotten 500 internal server errors and 404'ed a couple of times. Today it seemed like all the .php files, but sometimes the entire server can't be accessed for a while.

 Been waiting for an explaination but since there hasn't been one, I thought I'd post.
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I've mostly been having problems accessing the forums. :(
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Kahootz... I've been... *kahooted*.


So it's not just me then? I've been having a few problems with the site too.
But it seem to be fine now....or at less I'm in.~smile


Ya ya ya... I've been recompiling most of the server software today. Minor outages across the board as usual. Nothing wrong in the long term. :-)


Ooooohhhhhh I see......That's good cause I was starting to think for a min. that your site had went down for good!!!!

~jumping with joy that the site is still here


Yeah, I kinda figured, since the problem was server bound. For a moment I thought that it was a problem with my domain host, but after I used the direct link instead and had teh same thing, I just kinda thought that something was being done on the server.

Actually, I almost cheered when I saw the 500 error. Since it was basically being picky on the (X)HTML content at the time (or at least that's how it seemed to behave on my site). So I thought that Xepher was enabling the servers true  XHTML mode instead of it acting just like HTML. :lol:
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