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Absolut Lame

Started by Xepher, August 24, 2005, 05:10:46 PM

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I really enjoy WoW, playing with people online in a huge, pervasive world is great. Problem is, no matter how much I focus on making my character good, there will always be thousands of these lamers that have simply paid some poor korean to do their gaming for them. What is the fracking point? If you buy a game to play, and then pay someone else to play it for you... does that make any sense?


These would be the same people that try to use cheat codes all the time while gaming (my little brother being a good example).  Of course, I'm not going to shell out money for a game then never play it.  It's just throwing your money away.

BTW, is there any way to contact the people that pay others to play games with them?  If they're willing to throw money around like that, I wouldn't mind a bit thrown my way :D.
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Another easily proven point about people who are stupid and/or lazy.
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you gotta love cheap people; at least they're hardworking.
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