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Main Menu domain not found?

Started by hey_allen, August 04, 2006, 05:43:38 AM

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This may not be an issue from your end, but I can't find any of the hosted sites, and can only access the main page by using the IP address as trace-routed from another ISP, courtesy of a friend.  
I've tried to find out what is happening at my end, but attempting to traceroute back to from this end immediately fails, "unable to resolve target system name"

I suspect that it might be an issue with the DNS here playing stupid games, but attempting to re-route through another DNS that has full routing tables seems to be doing nothing.

Thanks for any insight, and feel free to tell me off if there is some info that I should provide that I've forgotten.


Hmm... I don't know what sort of diagnostic tools you have available to you, but it definitely sounds like a problem with the DNS servers you're using. Generally these are provided by your ISP and assigned automatically each time you log on (or turn on your computer, in the case of broadband.) Unless you've got a different setup, complaints to your ISP would be the place to start to really get it fixed. You mentioned that "attmpting to re-route through another DNS" didn't work though. Are you setting the DNS servers on your computer itself to something different, or are you doing something downstream, like at your router/firewall/etc? If it's NOT the server (which it may not be if you're tried different ones) then I'd suspect a virus or some sort of corruption of your TCP/IP stack. Sometimes it can be because of overzealous settings in a security program. Norton Internet Security is notorious for borking the TCP/IP stack... even if you uninstall it, the problem sometimes doesn't go away. is a nifty little tool to repair stacks broken by viruses or software. Give it a go, and doublecheck your DNS server settings. If you know how to, use nslookup to try to resolve against various nameservers, including itself (by IP address in that case.)

FYI, for an interim fix, you can get to _most_ sub-sites here by the ~username method. Thus, "" would become "" This method breaks a lot of forum software and such though, so you're likely to encouter some problems using it. Definitely try to sort out the nameserver problem if you can.


Thanks for the assistance!

It turned out that it WAS the DNS that my local connection defaults to, and once I got access to another that had the full routing tables, no more problems.  
I'm not sure why it didn't work the first time, but that may just have been my distro being slow to switch to using the DNS that I'd put in, instead of the one that was setup with DHCP.

Thanks again, and thanks for hosting so many great artists here!