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Featured Site - How often updated?

Started by fesworks, September 15, 2006, 11:08:45 PM

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Because I can almost swear that I have seen Hellbound as a Featured site for, like, several months?

I'm not saying I don't like Hellbound. I just bring it up because It was probably overlooked (unless i lost my mind a bit) with Xepher being so busy with his job(s) and such. (that and a few other hosted sites seem to not exist here any more, but still are indexed).

But my other question realted to the Featured Site. Is it possible to make our own Phase 2 Featured site list? I mean like go through our custom Phase 2 list on the pulldown and have it change each week... or something like that. I liked customizing my newsbox, so i was seeing if there was any more that could be done.

I dunno just a thought i was thinking.


"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


so i wasn't going crazy :P Hellbound has been featured for several months.

... well, ok, i might still be crazy ;)


Yeah, I'm lazy... Suggestions this time 'round?


Okay, I've updated it. Sometimes it just takes a little proding. :-)


Ah, that website listing! that's a good pick.


Oh wow! Thanks for making me a featured site! Being the dork I am, I reloaded my page a few times to make sure I saw that right :P but thank you! that's cool!


*nods* Yeah, figured it was time to change it. Just an FYI to everyone, if you don't SHOW the featured site section of the newsbox on your page (it is optional) I'm not very likely to feature your site in return.


I just left it at the defaults.  It fits in perfectly.


As much as I like the publicity, I think It's time to change it again. It's been a good four months ;)

Actually, if possible, I think It would be nice to rotate it Monthly.... instead of quarterly ;)



Yeah, it would be... I'm just, well, forgetful of such things. I'll go change it now.


Okay, it's done. This is getting tricker than I thought to pick one. That's probably why I'm so long in changing it. I tend to wait until something catches my eye, which means people that hang out on the forums more than anything. I also won't feature any site that isn't updating, or that doesn't show the "featured site" section of the newsbox. I had to break a couple of those rules this time, because I couldn't find a site I hadn't already featured, that had enough content, and that was actually updating. As such, I don't plan for tripout to stay featured too long, if we can find a better one.

So what I need is this. A new way to select/nominate such sites, so I can actually feature a new one more often. I'm open to ideas here. I can't just go through the entire site list every time I need to pick a new one.


Well... to be honest... you could almost start RE-featuring some since yout only had 3 featured inthe last year.

if you want, we can bug you each month to change it.

Should be no problem in re-featuring older sites and showing newer ones if you cycle it more frequently ;)


Oh, and while the Jenny Everywhere comic should probably have a News Box on it, Its too late to change the address to a PHP file, besides, I think I have some good links for it anyway.

If you had anything related that's work in HTM (like java) just let me know and I'll try to incorporate it instead.


You've got links going to a specific file, rather than the directory itself? How come? I'm guessing that's why it's too late to make it .php.