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Scuola Italia

Started by nora, September 28, 2006, 10:39:38 AM

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Hi, my name is Nora and I write from Italy,

My project is to build a place in which all school workers, fellows, kids and parents :-) can find a template or a guide to help them to realize a work at school (for example a web site but also a table, a slideshow, a model to print or a book, a calendar and so on)
the url I propose is

The title can be : -contributi dal web per una scuola più bella- meaning "contributions from web to realize a better school"

feedback ?



So, let me see if I got it,

you'd like an online place to post help for classes at school?

That sounds like a nice idea. =)
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Quote from: MuneriftSo, let me see if I got it,

you'd like an online place to post help for classes at school?
Hi Munerift, how are you ?

Help sure, but not intended as a way to give facilities to students.

As example, have you done a search on the mithical caretta caretta ? want you print it in a pamplet form ? come on and look for a graphical template to print your search or to put it on line and enjoy :-)




Okay, the concept sounds good...

But what about the HTML?  Do you have a website anywhere we could look at?  I'd really like to see something before I say anything more...


I appriciate your idea, but I feel it's not the sort of thing is looking for. We're mainly about helping artists, writers, etc. find a place to host their work where it can be enjoyed by others. While a school resource site is a nobel endeavor, it doesn't quite fit with the purpose here. I'm afraid I have to say "no" to your application, but I wish you the best of luck in getting your idea going elsewhere.