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Event Mode

Started by Event Mode, October 19, 2006, 05:37:50 PM

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Event Mode

desired username: event-mode

I would like to apply via the challenge method if that is alright. I have a few reasons for this:

1.) I am solely the webmaster for the website I am seeking application. The writer and artist for the webcomic are two other people who are not me.
2.) While I know them well, I do not want to misrepresent them, and being sent questions would allow me to ask them personally and answer on their behalf exactly what they said.
3.) Our current site does not support php and as such it isn't quite as ready as I would like it.

So challenge method would be preferred. I will now open the floor for questions I guess, seeing as that's the whole point of the challenge method :P

EDIT: As of right now, the artist is also aware of this application on Xepher and is watching the process as well. (he wanted me to say that)

EDIT2: whoops, forgot e-mail:



Well, first off, even with a challenge method, you still need to tell me WHAT your site will be.

Event Mode

hehe... whoops. Sorry :$

Well, the site in question is a webcomic which will be titled Event Mode.
It's intended to follow a trend of situational comedy themed towards the game series Dance Dance Revolution.

Though the majority of the story doesn't really require someone to be a fan of DDR to understand what's going on.
The story itself is more about the gamers than the game.

From the artist:
"The comic's main theme are the dancing rhythm games Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove, but the story develops around college students (the main characters) who play the games.  While competition, jokes, and strategy on the games may be discussed in the story, we aim to give the comic a feel about college life and friendships as well as the occasional zaniness that may arise as humor.
"As it is we have a storyline planned. On the art side of things, I as the artist plan to give a semi-realistic style to the characters, but I do have aspirations to improve my style and learn to use Photoshop for coloring/shading. On updating, I'm currently in university and studying to become a teacher, but I am already trying to update schedules around formal updating. As of this time I do not have a set schedule for updating comics; my goal would be once-a-day or three times a week, but until I manage to get my style set in stone, I'm afraid updates will be once a week, or sporadic at worst."

From the writer:
"Event Mode starts off with a pair of siblings at their first day of college.  One of them is an avid player of the popular rhythm-dance game Dance Dance Revolution, while the other plays the game as well but is not as good at it as her older brother. The room they've been given has three beds and a desk with a chair, nothing more.  As they unpack, they're given a notice saying that the college is slightly overpacked with students, and if they have an extra bed, they need an extra roommate.  In exchange, they are allowed to pick whichever roommate they would like. They decide on a Brazillian student by the name of Julius Vialdependo, who, like Jay (the younger sister of the twins), is slightly versed with the dance game, although unlike Jay he's willing to get better at it. Soon after Julius has been accepted as the third roommate, a German student called Arktischer "Ark" Krieber from the next room over pays the trio a visit.  Like Leroy (the older brother of the twins), Ark is an avid player of the game, and was quickly drawn towards the room from the sounds coming from the game.  Competition quickly flares between Ark and Leroy "Croi" Guinness, as they each set out to prove which of them is the better dancer.  Hilarity, accompanied by story arcs and plot twists, ensues."

Here's a link to the comics we already have, all 13:

Event Mode

Thanks for your time, Xepher, but after considerable deliberation we decided to go with a different provider, FreeHostia.


Roger that... and best of luck to you!