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Help Please- General Computer Stuff

Started by Munerift, October 30, 2006, 03:28:52 PM

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I managed to get my hands on one of these:

It's got Bluetooth capabilities, wireless access... etc.

I've got wifi at home on my laptop and my computer, but they aren't bluetooth. I'd like to be able to equip them with something that will make it so I can surf the net on my new iPAQ. I don't know much about the Bluetooth technology, but I was wondering if I bought this:
or even this:
Would it allow me to access the internet from my PDA/Pocket PC as long as that adapter is plugged into either of my computers at home?

I am a wallpaper fanatic... but my PDA runs on "Windows CE," and I've sadly been unable to find any theme generators or any wallpaper makers... and I dont really understand how to really find or use pre-made wallpapers from the net. It's just weird for me given I'm used to a whole computer with traditional Windows on it any everything.

Does anyone know of a theme generator that WILL work on Window's CE?

Thanks for your help you guys! =)
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I don't have an iPaq, though I do have a Zaurus, a Sharp brand PDA that's simlar. Sounds like, to get online, you want an SD WiFi (802.11) card. While those bluetooth adapters you mentioned would let your main computer serve web pages to your PDA, an 802.11 card would let the PDA work with ANY wireless access point (like those at coffee shops, hotels, etc.) and is thus, more usable.

As for wallpaper, I haven't used Windows CE (aka: Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Etc.) My PDA just lets me use any normal jpg, png, or bmp image. Have you tried just picking a picture for it? That, of course, only works for wall paper... for full "themes" you need to find something targeted at Windows CE... of course, windows has never been very themeable as an operating system...


What is an SD WiFi? I'll try and google some but I'd imagine quite a few things would pop up with that. =P

Well, it wont recognize jpgs or gifs... I managed to find one wallpaper that I dont like so much and that's a .bmp, but trying to add other bmps to the same folder never yelds everything. My PDA acts like the files aren't even there.
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Xepher that's one for a Palm PDA. I don't know if it would work with your PDA or not. I can't tell for sure from the details you linked (it talks about many variations of your PDA) but I'd be surprised if you had bluetooth built-in and NOT 802.11 (aka "WiFi" or "Wireless Networking") Your laptop and your home "wireless" should both be 802.11 already.


I do not have an Ipaq, however when it comes to wallpapers, I find it more rewarding to make my own. I have the sprint pockect pc 6700. All i did for the wallpaper was take a diagonal pic of my black keyboard and used it as the desktops background.  It gives a feeling to the pocket pc phone like "you are the love child of a Pc, PDA, and Phone" haha. but yeah, if you make your own custom wallpaper that compliments your Ipaq, it will be better than anyone you will find out there.

good luck
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