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Need help on randomly displaying images w/ hyperlinks

Started by fesworks, November 09, 2006, 01:27:04 AM

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admin@ would be prefered, I try to keep the hosting-related stuff there for easy searching at later dates.

The directory at is Phase 2... on it, there's a link to Phase 1 users, but it's static code that hasn't been updated in years, so many accounts are gone. If you try a username and it just goes to the front page, that means it no longer exists.

With the server migration, I'll be moving Phase 1 users (who are still active) into a database driven directory like the Phase 2 users. That's the side effect of requiring people to verify themselves via email, I can finally get all my data up to date.


Phase II sites done... I wasn't planning on doing the Phase I sites though.

You should have an e-mail from me.... 10+ pages

The e-mail should be quite descriptive of how I documented each site (the newer sites might have been hard to spot properly for updates and content).

Any questions, just ask!


Got it, and used it already. I've had a little database trick watching for functioning newsbox hitcounters, anyone that hadn't recorded a hit in 2 days went into a list. I sorted out the accounts I'd already locked, and then the rest got compared with your notes. I locked 11 more sites, emailed 4 about fixing their newsbox, and deleted 2. That's all in phase 2. I haven't dealt with phase 1 yet either. I'm really thinking it's more dead accounts than alive, as such, I think I may just wait for the migration to sort it out. I only have to deal with the accounts that actually respond to the migration email. :-)

Thanks again for the list, I'll be comparing notes against it as people verify their accounts for the move.


I'm guessing the two you deleted included the one that already said they were leaving Xepher, and the one that just said "Bork".

Anyway, I'm glad I could help out :D


I haven't really used my phase 1 account for a lot of anything recently. Haven't exactly had the time to work on anything really cool lately (despite paper document designs with my roommate on a game). Guess that's one of the disadvantages to writing code for a living, when you get the chance to get off the computer you take it happily. lol

Well that and silly things like the guide here, but that can be moved I suppose.
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Oh, the guy from re-uploaded his comic archive recently. I've spoken to him via e-mail... told him about the new server and the migration abit. I'm trying to see if he has plans to update his site a bit more in the near future.