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2007 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards

Started by fesworks, December 23, 2006, 04:00:35 PM

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Anyone participating in this? I submitted for voting privildges already.

I've been told that it apparently has been bumpped ahead by a half year, so some people may not know about it.

But here are the categories:

Outstanding Newcomer - This is an award that acknowledges the best new comic of this year. Eligible candidates would be any comic that debuted within the last year.

Outstanding Comic- This is the over all most outstanding comic most effectively using every element of the creative process; art, writing and technical. This is the category that best represents the collection of all of the other categories

Outstanding Artist
- This to award the artist whose body of work best demonstrates all of the visual elements of art including line, color, design and composition.

Outstanding Layout
- This award recognizes an online comic whose art is notable for its highly successful compositional elements.
Outstanding Use of Color - This award recognizes an online comic that has a highly successful use of color in its art.
Outstanding Black and White Art- This award recognizes an online comic that makes use of highly successful black and white art.
Outstanding Photographic Comic - This award recognizes an online comic that makes use of highly successful photographic imagery.
Outstanding Character Rendering - This award recognizes an artists' skill at rendering the characters of an online comic during the previous year, where the visual flavor of the character design is effectively presented.
Outstanding Environment Design - This award recognizes visual design work of environment, props, or setting of an online comic, where the visual flavor of the environmental design is highly successful.
Outstanding Website Design - This award recognizes outstanding website design of an online comic, where the design and interface of the entire site enhance the experience of reading the comic.
Outstanding Use of The Medium - This award recognizes comics that make superlative use of computer developed and/or presented content to achieve in webcomics what cannot be done in print comics.

Outstanding Writer - This award recognizes the author whose work best utilizes the elements of writing including character and plot development, exposition, pacing and atmospheric description.

Outstanding Character Writing - This award recognizes an online comic whose character or characters have been rendered though image and narrative development to an extraordinary level of quality.
Outstanding Long Form Comic - This award recognizes comics with longer formats and extended, continuous storylines. Traditionally these comics fit (but not restricted to) "Comic Book" formats.
Outstanding Short Form Comic- This award recognizes comics with shorter formats with regular gags, or beats to it's story to reflect each individual strip. Traditionally these comics fit (but not restricted to) "Comic Strip" formats.
Outstanding Single Panel Comic- This award recognizes comics with one panel formats with regular gags. Traditionally these comics fit (but not restricted to) "Magazine Cartoon" formats.
Outstanding Comedic Comic - This award recognizes an online comic's ability to use humor and comedy effectively.
Outstanding Dramatic Comic - This award recognizes the dramatic elements of an online comic's storyline.

Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic - This award recognizes comics that make the best use of anthropomorphic characters such as talking animals, plants, or usually inanimate objects.
Outstanding Fantasy Comic - This award recognizes comics that stand out in their use of fantasy elements.
Outstanding Gaming Comic - This award recognizes comics that successfully base their stories around video or roleplaying games, their characters, players and/or creators.
Outstanding Slice-of-Life Comic - This award recognizes comics that make outstanding use of realistic settings and characters: autobiographical comics, journal comics, and fictional comics that deal with realistic subjects.
Outstanding Romantic Comic - This award recognizes comics that reach a high level of quality in addressing issues of love and romance in their stories, settings and characters.
Outstanding Science Fiction Comic - This award recognizes webcomics that exhibit excellence in using real or imagined science and technology to tell their stories.
Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic - This award recognizes the finest comics that incorporate action/adventure elements including superpowered characters.

Anyone participate in this thing before?

I know I wanna nominate Miss Mab for a couple... DMFA for Character Rendering, and Abel's Story for Dramatic Writing.

I'll be looking around Xepher for other nomination possibilities.. I think we can naminate up to 3 different comics per category?

I wish  there was a "Most Improved" category, 'cus I'd nominate Beastling for that.


Huh?  I hadn't heard of any of that.  I'll look into it for sure.

Yours has improved a fair bit itself, Fes...though I still haven't managed to read the whole thing.


Oh, I still have much to improve. Behinds the scenes hands still take me a long time to draw... I need a book on hands or something... it's hard to look at my own... maybe I should get some sort of table mirror...


For hands, I learned more studying my cat than looking at my own hands...don't know how that'd work for you, though.


no, not so much... I think I'll look into getting a book with poses and such.


How does one participate in this? Do you simply need to nominate someone?


crap, I never posted the link, but anyone with a webcomic can try to register to vote and such.


It starts to surprise me at times, the places I find links to I go check out a site I've never seen before (your link above) and look at the committee... Mike Payne hosts his Terebinth comic here. And Wings of Change (Marietta Rose) had an account here for a while. The internet is starting to turn into a "6 degrees to" game for me. :-)


Yea, I noticed that when I e-mailed the WCCA to get registered, Mike e-mailed me back and mentioned that.


Same here, actually.  It's sorta' cool to notice how many people are in on

Also, I'm in, now.


though I wish the forums were a tad more active, Its a good community :)



Well, all the nominations are finallize. Miss Mab and DMFA has once again gotten finalist for the Anthropomorphic category... unfortunatly she is going up against Lackadaisy... which I believe is the only major competition... personally, Lackadaisy is too boring/uninteresting for me, even though the art is awesome looking.

Also, I have been selected to do the Presentation for the Outstanding Environment Award!!  Woo Hoo!


Yeah...despite the fact that Amber devoted an -entire- rant to ask people not to nominate her...I figure she'll rant again (if she hasn't already), but that'll probably be it.  I was careful not to nominate her.

Congratulations, Fes!  I didn't see that mentioned, but it sounds like an honor.

It's interesting...I haven't heard of more than half of the finalists...


Oh, pffffft, She can ask not to be recongnized for her talents all she wants! I'm still gonna do it.

From what I can tell, she's pretty modest and not one that takes compliments/praise too well (kinda like me in some ways, so I can relate a bit).

I feel that she really deserves the recognition for what she does, both in her art, stories and characters. If I push to get her nominated (and hopefully an award winner), that'd be so cool.

In any case, Even doing the presentations is quite cool. I know that she wanted to do one (or what just talking about it), I hope she signed up to do one, but I don;t think she did... those presentations can certainly bring a lot of traffic to a site as well.