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2007 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards

Started by fesworks, December 23, 2006, 04:00:35 PM

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Hmm...I figured she'd be nominated either way, so I just didn't nominate her.


Apparently the Anthropomorphic category is a bit difficult to get into... I think I'd be interested in a Furry Comic Award thingee.... I'd actually like to see that, and I think it could be easilly set up. I mean, There are a considerable amount of Furry comics, Partially Furry comic out there to warrent such an event methinks.

... eh... maybe its just a pipedream...



I have not. That's really cool, but I guess I was thinking for Furry Comics specifically... OOO! The nominations close soon! I should jump on this!

Thanks Xepher!


FINALLY done with my presentation!

8.1 MB *.BMP
40+ hours of work including sketching, drawing, inking, planning, photoshopping....

they better not make me edit any of it.