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mentalSTRIKE Productions (Application)

Started by mentalstrike, April 26, 2007, 03:55:04 PM

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Okay, I have some material...not the most original of stuffs but I did make it myself. It's two seperate games...One is a simple guess the number game and the other is a Pong-esque game...or more of a breakout without bricks...both were designed and coded in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by myself. I'll have other stuffs up later...
The URls seem to not be working so just copy and paste into the Address bar


Okay, here is a graphic I just threw together in about 30-35 minutes. It's not that good but I did it real quick.

Anyway, these uploads are just some of the stuff I'd have on the site. I can make wallpapers and such. I also do anime graphics on request or when I get bored.
I'm also starting t-shirts and stuff like that. If I have time, I'll upload a picture of a shirt I wanted to try and make. Oh yeah, I decided to temporarily close my other site because the network is holding my files hostage longer than I expected.


Also, (it seems like I'm posting a lot of stuff all of a sudden) I have my devaintART account if you want to see it...


That's about as much stuff as I have for you right now...I haven't really been able to do a lot of stuff lately...I have a few major tests at school then we have exams in a couple weeks and then i'm free for the summer...



I apologize that it took so long to get to this point, but here's the deal. Your site is STILL empty (just a layout you said is tweaked from something else) your DA account has only a couple of complete images, and I don't use windows, so I can't test your pong clone. Basically, you'd need a lot more content to be considered. Maybe you'll get there in time, in which case you're free to reapply at that time. Generally, I ask you wait a minimum of six months between reapplications, and they need to showcase genuine improvement over the previous application.


XD nevermind...I don't have the time to fill the site or anything right'll probably be around 2 years before I have enough time to get back around to doing this stuff...sorry I wasted your time like that...(stupid school)