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Started by Michelle_R_P, December 09, 2006, 10:47:24 AM

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Can't view the page because you have to be logged in.


sad to admit it, but I have a neopets login... have not used it for like 2-3 years though :P

hahaha! My pet is dying!

The page you linked to has mostly stuff in there from the default, though I know its not a template. (There is a text field with the whole pages code for editing).

Your pet's pages have some nice art pics on them, as well a customize paragraph or sorts under them.

The music is not loading, but I'm using Firefox to browse too...

I can't honestly say that there is a lot to show there (as far as wide range of HTML ability). As always the art looks wonderful. But do know that has no templates or pre-made pages to work with. It's all done yourself in raw form or with a program like Frontpage or Dreamweaver, and you upload it. From what I can tell, you have a basic grasp of HTML code, and I'd be interested in seeing what you can do on a page you made from scratch.

Personally, I recommend getting a account or account and making a page from scratch and upload  it with some images and link it back to us. If you need an FTP program search for "Core FTP Lite" (if its still available) and it is very simple to use.

I mean, I'm not sure if Xepher is going to bother signing up for a neopets account to view what you have. Don;t get me wrong, you do have awesome art, but the neopets page only shows a limited knowledge of HTML usage with a given default page. My only thought is that Xepher is just worried about people using an account for a linkable file-dump (like how photobucket works). Don't get me wrong, He says personal art sites are fine too, but I think he just booted a couple of old users that were basically just hotlinking files without really having a site.

Also, Xepher, sorry if I've been out of line in this reply.


I only have a limited HTML ability, and my website in done entirely in frontpage, so I don't need any templates or anything.
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So... are you going to upload the html onto geocities so that you can show us?
I don't have a neopets account so I can't see... ;_;


Yeah, your art looked promising, but since I can't view the neopets page, I really need another example for site design.


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Very standard.

I know Neopets does allow its visitors to create an actual webpage, but at the same time it's all templated.

You could try using a design tool like Dreamweaver or Frontpage to create your page for us.