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Kuro Works

Started by KuroWorks, March 18, 2007, 05:25:44 PM

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Hello Xepher

The user name I hope to get "Kuro Works".
My E-mail is

The site would be have comics. All the comics will be all done by me. After i get one comic done i will start on the next one. Every comic i have planed to do are part of the same world that i have come up with. One comic might be mecha while anothe will be something else. i know my drawings are not great. Also i do not know how to code html, but my friend does.

Here is my "old" (blows of dust) webside. The drawings are done in photo shop. background,first page logo is done in light wave 3d and the other stuff is done in Ms paint. One more thing the drawings are about 3+ years old.

A drawing I did in dec. the headshot is from my gaiaonline char.   [[ dark link ]]


Okie dokie, let's see how much damage I can do this time...

First off, your username cannot contain spaces or capital letters, as it will be your URL here at "" yes, "Kuro Works" no. This is stated in the rules at least once, and many times over here in the forums as a lot of people seem to miss that. Don't quite understand how, yet.

Second, your website seems to be made with a template (Yahoo! PageBuilder, I believe) and you state that your friend is doing the HTML. Generally, team efforts are less likely to succeed than just learning enough HTML to get by yourself. It's not hard to do, honest. However, if you feel you can't learn it, then could you at least get your friend to show what they can do with it? You need at least one site that actually showcases what yours might actually look like should you get approved.

Third and foremost, with a grand total of four drawings, and not a single comic in sight, the actual art presentation, the key ingredient to getting approved, is lacking. How often would you say you have ever updated any website you've ever had? DeviantART, Gaia, anything. Do you actually have any comics done already, or are these just plans for the future? You'll have noticed, if you read the directions carefully, that Xepher's not interested in plans. Plans can easily change, after all. A well established webcomic (or series of webcomics) that you've devoted time and effort to, on the other hand, is harder to give up.

Anyway, my two cents there. Hope I haven't crushed your spirit. (not yet, anyway. It's more fun when they struggle ;))
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


The couple pictures I can see aren't too bad (from an art perspective.) From a technical standpoint, I'm honestly surprised your website is ONLY 3 years old. Bottom line is that I need to see a bit more, both from web and art sides, before I can judge.


*gets his spirit crushed* :( *goes out and buys a new spirit with crush protection*
 Is kuro_works ok? if not then kuroworks would be good
i am in the works of geting some of my drawings scaned and then colored, along with a comic strip.
Also i am working on a new webpage layout.


Well, let us know when you have some more stuff to show.


not much but a few weapons i made up. working on other stuff right now