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Started by nrg, March 21, 2007, 07:07:50 PM

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Hi!  ^.^

I run a furry community for furs in my local area (The Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

Recently, we had a bit of a management shift, (I'll spare you the drama...  o.o) and I figured it is just good timing to switch from Yahoo! Groups, to a server that is furry oriented and it's a technology upgrade...  Mailing lists are so 90s!  ^.^

The username I'm looking for is "upfurry" minus the quotations of course...

My email is electricnrgATgmailDOTcom

My site is going to basicly be a forum so that we can plan events and communicate with each other and our allies, with maybe some image sharing, I'm a bit of an artist as are others in my group...  ^.^  I promise to keep things PG13 though!  =oD

And from one otter to another, cute avatar!  ^.^



Uh...I'm not saying anything more until I at least see what you mean.  Any chance you could get a sample site linked for us?  

Though I'm not sure of what you're saying, it sounds like you just want a new forum.  I think you'll need more than that for a site.  There is, however, an excellent chance that I'm just misunderstanding you.

But yeah, a sample is needed before I say more.


Umm nope...  I'm just looking for a forum on a furry run server instead of having to deal with mundanes everytime something squicks up...  One of my group members says he is a mod on a forum on this server, dunno which one off the top of my head, but he referenced me to you guys...

Said you guys could help us out...  ...but from the sounds of it, things don't look very promising do they?

I don't have a sample really cuz I don't have any place to put it, that's why I'm here...  lol


You might want to consider taking The Challenge, if you have no samples to put up.

Xepher isn't unreasonable, but it is understandable that we would want to see a sample of what you're asking him to host for you.


Ok, so you are planning on hosting a Community message board? Or is there more to it than that?

EDIT: I AM interested, but I personally feel that more content or something exclusive or special to the boards should be included/added. Because anyone can get a message board anywhere these days.... granted not always for free without ads, of course.

Also Xepher MIGHT have some restrictions on certain types of message board code.

eh, just wait until Xepher see the thread and posts I guess :P


I would throw in my 2 cents that it sounds like a fun project... but I’m not seeing the ‘creative content’ aspect behind it here. Forums are available almost everywhere and I really think that if the sites going to be (mainly) based around the forum and user contributions, then you should probably check into other options as far as server space goes. With the dedicated user-base that you're speaking of, I would imagine it should be fairly easy to ask each member to cough up $5 bucks a year and be able to afford a place of your own.
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*giggles*  Am I the only otter around here who views the cup half-full?

True my site isn't going to be very creative, as it is mainly going to be used for communication, but it will inspire creativity by helping me bring creative minds together to do things...

I understand there's gotta be a screening process, but holy wha eh?  You'd think I was askin Disney for a job!  XoD

...tough croud...

*adjusts his tie*

...other day I went to visit my mother, she was on her hands and knees, I said "Ma!  You're off yer rocker!"...

...I know a lot of jokes!

*grins otterishly*



Actually, I only see the cup as half-way. If you are pouring, thus filling the glass, than I'll call it half-full. If you are drinking, and therefore emptting the glass, I will call it half-empty.


Well, I went back to my group and it seems that one of them has his own server... we're prolly just gonna go with that...  lol

Sorry for the trouble...


well you didn't even wait for Xepher to pop in! Still good luck. I'd be interested what turns out if you end up going another route... maybe post a link?


I usually just find that the glass is wrongly sized for the amount of liquid it contains. :-)

Anyway, I fear I'm going to rain on your parade here. If it's just a forum you're wanting, than I'm sorry, but this isn't the place. I look for people (and/or furs) who are going to provide creative content to share with others. That basically means art, comics, stories, that sort of thing. Community sites, while great, aren't the focus here. Sorry!

Best of luck to you though, I'm sure you can find something pretty quickly that meets your needs.