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Searching for Artists!

Started by Databits, June 07, 2007, 08:01:54 PM

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Well, something that those like Xepher know but many of the rest of you do not is that I (used to) work from home as a professional web developer. Recently I have decided to rent an office and begin trying to expand horizons in terms of clients and whatnot. Up until this point I have pretty much worked more or less for a single person for their clients, not as an employee but as an outsourced programmer. But now that I'm going to be venturing out and trying to find some of my own clients, I'll be needing resources that I do not have.

One of those resources, is artists.

Now, things are going to start off pretty slow, but in the meantime it doesn't mean I can't at least look for people who may be interested. So at the moment I'm looking for those who are good at web art (don't need to worry much about the specifics of the html/css, I've got that handled) and/or flash. Chances are, if I begin to get contracts I'll need artists on a per-contract basis. Since I've been here at the Xepher community for a long time, and considering that these will most definitely be paid contracts, I figured I'd give people here a chance first.

To begin, an example of your work would be nice. Once again, I'm not looking for W3C compliance or anything like that, but I'd like to see what those who are interested can do. Be it a personal site for your comic here, some example quick flash thing, or even other people or company sites you've done. Some sort of idea of rate information would also be helpful, but not necessary at this time.

Thank You,

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