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Flash Movie Problem

Started by Qazi, July 02, 2007, 10:15:31 PM

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I put a flash movie (swf file) into my index.php, but it does not show at all when the page is loaded.  I don't know if this is a permission problem or what else it could be.  I'm trying to get my new site up by tonight, so I could really really use some help.  Thanks in advance  :'(
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First, interesting RO icon for your forum avatar...

Second, details please? It's hard to help people diagnose things when they say things like "my site is broken" and don't even so much as give a URL or example code on what they are doing.
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Agreed, details needed. Show us what code you're using, what URL, etc. A quick glance at your home directory... the movie is perfectly viewable if you open it directly, and so are both index.php and index2.php, therefore it's not a permission issue. The only links I see that embed/reference any .swf file are all inside "<noscript>" blocks. No idea what you're trying to do, as your page layout looks overly complicated, but generally speaking, stuff inside those blocks should only show up on ancient browsers that don't do javascript. Why in the world would you embed flash in a noscript block?


well it turns out removing those annoying '<no scripts>' fixed the problem.  They seem to be something Dreamweaver threw into the coding, odd, but at least the problem is solved.  Thanks for all your help guys, and special thanks to Xepher.
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