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Manga viewer script?

Started by Qazi, July 03, 2007, 03:34:20 PM

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I've had my website up for about a year now, and have since stuck to the caveman-like procedure of creating a seperate html page for each page of my manga, and linked them together one by one.  This is of course a great waste of time and work, having to code a page for all 11 chapters (about 220 pages) of manga.  I know there are some great scripts out there, usually involving php codes, to make manga viewing on a website seamless and much easier on the owner's part.  I've seen them in use, but still can't quite figure it out.  Can't seem to find any good aids online either.  Was hoping someone on the forums already knows/knows where I can find about such a code.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm really not looking forward to recoding all 220 pages TT_TT

P.S. The website is currently down for renovations, but will be up immediately after i get this script figured out. sorry about that.
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