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everyone should post post pictures here! i don't really care what kind of pictures, like pictures of you, or maybe a picture of something weird, or something you found and copied off some website!

here's a picture of me a few years ago that i messed around with in photoshop:


My trip to vietnam... there were so(...)o many beaches. We only went to one, but I had so much fun. MY uncle was amused at how much I was playing in the water, so he decided to take a shot >_>

and because it shouldn't stay unseen on the old forums

It's a real tree in my neighbourhood. My friends saw it and tok the picture. Gotta love it XD

ew, gross! :lol:

Here, a couple wallpapers I made based on a quote I've always loved. Click the images for the full-size version. (And yes, Ben Franklin really said that.)

I think I did a pretty good job matching lighting and such... And I'm rather proud of the way you can see a little bit of fin through the edge of the water in the second one. Of course, I'm missing the proper radiosity for the lower bit of that whale just forward of the lower flipper.

now that my eye is a little more keen to art I can see the edit lines O_o But the lighting is really well done, and the bit of fin is a nice touch. I totally love the first one :D


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