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Tabletop Style RPG, Anyone?

Started by Xepher, July 09, 2007, 04:43:31 AM

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Heh... I'm starting to suspect that's the case for everyone. Myself included to some degree. I'm still willing to make the time if people want to play, but with the lack of response here, I think others may be wanting to drop out too. If so, that's perfectly alright.


well, i do want to play...

i start classes on monday 13, and this is my ( horrible ) shedule :
monday 7-12 hrs
tuesday and wednesday 7-13 hrs
thursday 7-12hrs
and friday 7-9 hrs

i still need to get one more subect, but wont be able to do so before day 13.

the rest of the time its ok for me, i still can play at nigths as long as we finish before 1 am


Sorry phantasus, but it looks like no one else is really up for it. Oh well, was a fun idea while it lasted. Maybe at some point in the future.


I'm still working 4-12 (newfoundland time)

Uh school starts for me soon so I'll be good to play weekends tho.
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